Comprehensive Background Checks for Sophisticated Investors.

It's All We Do.

Let us put our experience to work for you.

Insight Diligence employs a team of experienced lawyers, research analysts and investigators dedicated to performing comprehensive background checks for private equity firms, family offices and other institutional investors.


Getting it right is paramount. We run a disciplined, comprehensive process. If there's an issue out there, we'll find it.


An experienced former prosecutor will help you interpret and understand the gravity and implications of any background issues. We see a large volume of reports and can contextualize our findings for you.


Deals are moving faster than ever. We can provide a red flags report in a 24-48 hours and often work with our clients to expedite comprehensive reports on tight timelines.


We've worked with household name institutional investors and their counsel for 25 years. If you'd like to speak to one of our clients for a reference, we can make the introduction.

What Can Insight Diligence Do for You?

At Insight Diligence, we work almost exclusively for acquirers engaged in competitive processes who have to gather all of the available information to make decisions quickly.

We employ talented, intellectually curious research analysts and investigators, supervised by experienced lawyers, to conduct the most comprehensive pre-transaction background checks on management teams worldwide— that’s all we do here. No business intelligence, gumshoe investigations, or litigation support. All information is gathered in an above-board, transparent, and very comprehensive process.

For 25 years, we have worked domestically and in almost all parts of the world through a network of experienced and tested expat investigators on the ground.

Our work most often consists of a comprehensive (sometimes manual) search of the public record and public domain (internet, social media) in every jurisdiction where our subjects have lived or worked. If it’s out there to be found by a subsequent buyer, regulator, or journalist, we’ll find it first for you.

Our reports may be freely shared with lenders and co-investors. Our process is designed to find any material information that exists; it’s efficient and exceeds the standard of care that our clients’ LPs expect in buy-side diligence.

We work on flat fees, a defined scope, and against agreed-upon deadlines, so there are never any surprises.